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In this Eau De Toilette you will feel and smell the crispness peppery basil with light touch of beautiful mandarin flowers and pleasant sandawood in the background.


Scent Characterisation:

Very well balanced, hesperidic (dazzling citrus notes), floral, fresh, fruity, herbaceous, peppery, sharp and smooth.


Top citrus notes of lovely refreshing lime and harsh bergamot, blend into a juicy sweet mandarins. 


Middle notes, the heady white florals mixed with herbaceous peppery basil, these give sparkle to this twist and are creating astonishing mix with top, base notes. 


Base notes include, smoky patchouli combined with sandalwood and amber. The base is finished off with ginger mist.

Basil, Ginger and Mandarin Eau De Toilette 50ml

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