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The Way How It All Began...

As a little boy I was always obsessed with the sense of smell, the memories it can create and the things it can remind you of, taking you back to happy moments.

Having worked for over ten years in the cosmetics manufacturing industry, I saw first-hand how brutal the process had become. The extensive use of chemicals in everyday products made me angry as I feel there are plenty of beautiful natural resources which are not being fully utilised.

This experience gave me drive to experiment with raw materials, like soy wax, coconut wax, beeswax, essential oils and fragrance oils to capture the scents and present them in the very best way. This is why I created F&S London.

My small home business, where I make all the products has a key focus on hand made, eco-friendly products, where any waste can be recycled easily.

I have started with a range of natural wax candles which have been selling well via the internet for over a few years, and I am just introducing a fantastic range of reed diffusers to complement the candles.

My core vision is to focus on small batch, hand made quality natural products and I hope to extend the products on offer as the business grows.

After six years of research and development, Flower & Spice was launched to supply you, the candle connoisseur unique and hand made candles made from natural waxes in your home.

Each candle is lovingly created and hand made by the owner of Flower & Spice, Freddy. Freddy uses his experience to assemble unique blends that conjure memories of events and experiences. 

Hand made to the highest quality in our own lab, we know that you will fall in love time and time again and we hope you enjoy coming on the journey with us.

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